The V3000LS features cutting-edge technologies on a rigid, proven base press model employing a seven o’clock cylinder arrangement with double-diameter impression and transfer cylinders. The press accommodates a wide range of optional features, including coating units and drying equipment, to meet high-value-added printing needs.

    • Feeder & delivery sheet size preset system
    • Remote-controlled positioning of separator, side guide, feeder board brush/rollers, vacuum slowdown

wheel (positioning and air flow) and side joggers

  • Vacuum feeder tapes
  • Pneumatic side-lay
  • Sheet feeding speed slowdown device
  • Double sheet detectors
  • Mechanical, photoelectric and ultrasonic
  • High precision ink keys
  • Active stabilized inking system
  • High-speed printing startup system
  • Sheet trend monitor and sheet alignment device
  • Three-way remote-controlled register
  • Circumferential, lateral and cocking
  • Multi-mode dampening system
  • AD-mode, semi-AD mode and ITD mode
  • Automatic plate changing system
  • Automatic preset inking
  • Impression pressure presetting system
  • Intelligent Press Control III (IPC III)



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