Palamides stabelutlegger

Alpha – The Stacking Delivery

The alpha was designed as a universal delivery for processing folded brochures, especially signatures.

The products are collected by the machine and the neatly jogged stacks are delivered to a buffer table. The operator removes the ergonomically convenient jogged stack from the delivery table and no longer has to knock-up the products. This means that, even after several hours of production, the folding machine can still run at full production without tiring the operator.

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Delta – Automatic Delivery

With the new automatic delta-pro delivery the focus is on higher productivity with lower personnel costs.

Sturdy, easy-to-handle stacks ensure effective removal to subsequent processing machines.

The delta is a fully automatic, stack-forming delivery system (also known as a «stacker») that streamlines the production process. Here, rationalisation is key, not bundling the packages. By using a delta at a folding machine only one operator will be required. Also, at saddle stitchers, one person can remove the stack cost-effectively even with 2-up or 3-up production and all at full running capacity. Handling the packages is quick and easy, even for in-house transfer from the folding machine to the saddle stitcher. The band merely serves as a means of relocating the products quickly, simply and efficiently.

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